Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Up-Coming Ghana Actor; Rahim Banda Questions Kumasi Movie Director

If you are among the numerous people who have been asking whether movies made in Kumasi are scripted like the glamour ones made in Accra, young and talented actor Rahim Banda has answered you right.

Listening to his father speak on Hot 93.9 fm last week Saturday on their entertainment discussion programme Klassik Entertainment hosted by Omanhene Kwabena Asante, Bandex was emphatic that most of the directors and producers in the Akan movie industry do not use scripts.

“The secret many do not know is that in the production of an Akan movie, there is nothing like a script as we do in the glamour movie world. The actors are only given what is referred to as synopsis where they are directed to a scene to do the interpretation themselves. That is why most Akan movies seem a little longer than expected. Sometimes even editing becomes a problem as the editors do not know which lines should be taken out of the whole movie. We only hope and pray that one day it shall be better for us all” Bandex revealed.

Bandex was narrating a situation where his star son Rahim Banda was contacted for a job in Kumasi in a movie yet to be released. “Unfortunately, when we got to location for the shooting to begin, my son asked me: Dad where is my script. I answered him welcome to the Ashanti region and that was how things were done at that time. For an actor to excel in Kumasi, the person has to be very talented because over there, you act according to what you know and not what the directors ask you to say” Bandex noted.

He was speaking on the issue of old actors being ignored by producers of our time and its effects with reference to a story on Mrs Grace Nortey. Bandex started his entertainment business as a proficient music producer and later branched into movie productions to maximize profit when the music business went down with less dividends. So far, he has released some top notch movies to his credit whiles working with almost all the A-list actors the industry has produced.

His vast knowledge in the movie industry has earned him seats on many entertainment platforms whiles many producers and entertainment talk show hosts rely on his experience to inform their listeners. His award winning son Rahim Banda is his trump card at the moment as all movies which featured him became instant hits.

This revelation from him comes at a time that many movie producers are complaining of low sales whiles movie patrons are also complaining of poor production and quality. Whether the movie industry will become a better venture for future investment, depends on Bandex and his people who form the FIPAG and their activities towards the industry in general.

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